Lee Hutzulak

Lee Hutzulak began making videos in the early 90s at art college, shooting 8mm film and Video 8 for his recording project/band Dixie’s Death Pool. A couple of decades later, with the advent of affordable, powerful personal computers, tiny digital video cameras, and Youtube as a platform, a return to the medium felt relevant. Since 2008 he has put up hundreds of videos on YouTube. While most are simple documents of live music performances, some incorporate additional footage shot by Lee and special fx using both software and real-world, physical techniques. Check out the Leisure Thief channel on YouTube.

Here are some audio links that you put on the page: https://dixiesdeathpool.bandcamp.com/ https://leisurethief.bandcamp.com/ https://mothmouth.bandcamp.com/ https://zenescalator.bandcamp.com/ https://hottowers.bandcamp.com/ And this is a good one for social media: https://www.instagram.com/leehutzulak/

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