LocoMoto Art

The group takes its name from the independent power system Loco (locative) Moto (portable and moves) Art, that is, art that utilizes the ubiquity of digital technology. LMAC artists create sound, contemplative and interactive installations, as well as computer generative works. Through this explorative and emerging practice of digital eco-art, they offer socially interactive outdoor events and workshops with and for the community. Cross-cultural and inter-generational public participation is encouraged through our comprehensive outreach strategies to bring people of all ages and cultures together to experience participatory and technologically mediated artworks outdoors.

The LocoMotoArt Collective (LMAC) formed in 2012 and is comprised of members of IMAPON.

LocoMotoArt in Publication

Repurposing Urban Space: Arts as the Catalyst for Change by jil p. weaving and Laura Lee Coles, MA.

Disrupting Conventional Boundaries of Public Art In Urban Space, Laura Lee Coles, MA

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2018 Defining Moments for Kits Point Military History Museum

2017 Arbres de Memorie

2015 Oscillations at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Vancouver

2014 Aurora Festival Powell River

2014 Patterns at Aberthau Mansion

2013 LocoMotoArt at Queen Elizabeth Park

2012 Transformative Possibilities VIVO Media Arts Centre

2012 LocoMotoArt at Tatlow Park

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