Oscillations exists between the ghosts and spirits of place past and those of us who are in present time. Between the electronic and natural worlds, the essence of locale, or genius loci, forms layers of “disruptions”, which emerge differently and sometimes magically over time.

In response to the awareness of the oscillation between physical and electronic space and place, Giorgio Magnanensi of Vancouver New Music and Laura Lee Coles founder of LocoMotoArt, co-curated twenty-two electronic artists in partnership with the 21st International Symposium of Electronic Art - Disruption. Their curatorial effort sought to interrupt the "every day" and transplant human activities through the ubiquitous and sensorial aspects of digital technologies. As the artists moved towards unconventional use and repurposing of urban natural space, a means for local placemaking and exhibiting public art emerged disrupting conventional and traditional boundaries of the Charleson Park space.

With this approach, the works assembled emphasized the electronic and physical space and place by oscillating between the two perceived realms. Oscillations pushed traditional boundaries of urban public art to be more socially interactive, immersive, and inclusive of place while appealing to intimacy and imagination.



Exhibiting Artists

PrOphecy Sun and Mirae Rosner | Dave Leith | Jean Rothier | Joda Clement Sammy Chien | Merlyn Chipman & Jeremy Inkel | Giorgio Magnanensi Miles Thorogood | Rob Scharein | Laura Lee Coles | Wynne Palmer Giorgio Magnanensi | Mark Nazemi and Amir Aziz | Sebemn Ozpeta Phonal aka Phil Thomson | Bobbi Kozinuk | Valérie d. Walker | Aaron Rice Mobile Bioenergy Lab with Stephen J. Barnes, Tyler Fox and Carlos Costellanos

Event Program

International Symposium on Electronic Art takes high tech to the park

Disruptions: Party Crashing through the Front Door

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