Rob Scharein

As a former Astrophysicist, Rob is keenly interested in the interplay between Science, Art, and Mathematics. He is a developer of high-performance graphics software that draws from the beauty of Nature to create engaging interactive art pieces. Rob holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. His art practice interests include computer generative, gesture control and interactive installations, including 3D Virtual and Augmented Reality environments.

Rob also creates walk-based installations using GPS enabled mobile phones and is the creator of propriety interactive and creative software tools. Rob often collaborates with LocoMotoArt artists Merlyn Chipman, Jamie Griffiths, Laura Lee Coles, and Dave Leith. Rob’s 3D digital mandalas have been presented during the BC Buddhist Festival (2015).

Other works have been exhibited at Your Kontinent Digital Carnival organized by Cinevolution Media Arts, Richmond World Festival (2015 and 2017) in collaboration with Laura Lee Coles; the 21st International Symposium On Electronic Art (ISEA) with LocoMotoArt during Oscillations (2015), Patterns (2014), and in Queen Elizabeth Park (2013).

Together with Jamie Griffiths, Rob produced 3D stereoscopic animations for the EcoCentrix exhibition on the South Bank, London UK (2013) and for The Road Forward performance project, directed by Marie Clements during the International PuSh Festival, Vancouver, (2013 and 2015). In collaboration with Dave Leith and Laura Lee Coles, Rob exhibited PoSSeSSionZ at Thru the Trap Door (2014) – Paul Wong artistic director. In August of 2018, Rob’s KnotPlot software was showcased at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro (ICM2018).

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