S.P.A.C.E. Jury Biographies

Andy Romanoff

Andy Romanoff is a photographer, writer, and journalist. He has been making pictures for over sixty years. He is the west coast correspondent for L'oeil de la Photographie, a galleried photographer, has judged photo competitions, is an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers, and a member of the motion picture academy (AMPAS). He brings a multi-faceted sensibility to his photography and his long-term projects create a kaleidoscopic view of the subjects he photographs.

He is currently working on a long term project about backroad highways and the small towns they connect, The Places In-between. That work spans writing, still photography and videos, and part of it was recently exhibited as an installation called The Long View at Photo L.A. Collect and Connect.

In addition to his work in photography, Andy writes memoir and musings at Stories I've Been Meaning To Tell You.

His work is currently being shown at The Hive Gallery as part of California Love — A visual Mixtape

Jamie Griffiths

Jamie Griffiths is a digital artist, filmmaker and performer. Using experimental digital tools, Jamie uses autobiographical transparency to explore identity, cultural conflict and colonialism. Originally from the UK, Jamie lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut. www.jamiegriffiths.com.

Jamie is a founding member of LocoMotoArt, and is a member of the Advisory Board of IMAPON.

Rob Scharein

Rob is the developer of KnotPlot, an elaborate knot software that explores art, mathematics and science of knotting and tangling. Rob is also the creator of proprietary interactive and creative software tools. He has also developed iPhone/iPad apps for use as props in several major motion pictures. Rob often collaborates with LocoMotoArt artists Merlyn Chipman, Jamie Griffiths, Laura Lee Coles and Dave Leith. Rob’s 3D digital mandalas presented during the BC Buddhist Festival (2015) and 3-D anaglyphs for Arbres de Memoire (2017). Other works have been exhibited at Your Kontinent Digital Carnival organized by Cinevolution Media Arts, Richmond World Festival (2015 and 2017) in collaboration with Laura Lee Coles; the 21st International Symposium On Electronic Art (ISEA) with LocoMotoArt during Oscillations (2015), Patterns (2014), and in Queen Elizabeth Park (2013). Together with Jamie Griffiths, Rob produced 3D stereoscopic animations for the EcoCentrix exhibition on the South Bank, London UK (2013) and for The Road Forward performance project, directed by Marie Clements during the International PuSh Festival, Vancouver, (2013 and 2015). In collaboration with Dave Leith and Laura Lee Coles, Rob exhibited PoSSeSSionZ at Thru the Trap Door (2014) – Paul Wong artistic director, and a Heritage work commemorating the 100 year anniversary of Vimy Ridge, Arbres de Memoires (Trees of Memory) Aberthau Mansion (2017). Rob has been a member and artist-in-residence with LocoMotoArt since 2013. knotplot.com.

Dave Leith

Dave Leith is a multi-disciplinary artist. He has an extensive background in media, sound art, music recording and performing. His work has been exhibited and published internationally for over 40 years.

Leith taught at the Vancouver Film School for over twenty years. He recently retired from teaching. Leith was artist in residence for the 2008 VIVO SLAB workshop. He taught students to build their own theremins and create interactive installations. In Winnipeg he received a Manitoba Arts Council 'Artists in the Schools' grant to teach pinhole photography.

Dave develops custom Max/MSP/Jitter software. He uses it for audio compositions, multi-media installations and slit-scan photography. A long term project has been to complete a large SDIY modular synthesizer. He often creates field recordings, employing them in his sound compositions. Current compositions are on Bandcamp as the artist Infinite Zest.

Laura Lee Coles

Laura Lee is a curator, researcher and multidisciplinary artist whose interests include human, technology and nature interaction and the re-visioning of public space. A published author, she presents her research internationally. Her arts practice consists of photography, video installation (interactive, contemplative and site specific) digital storytelling and naturalist collage making. She has exhibited in Canada, Europe and the USA. Laura is also the founder IMAPON and the arts group LocoMotoArt, currently artists-in-residence at McBride Fieldhouse (2019-2022) and formerly at the historic Aberthau Mansion (2013-2018) via the Vancouver Park Board’s Arts, Culture and Engagement studio programme. She holds a Master of Arts from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University.

Artist website: www.lauraleecoles.weebly.com; www.IMAPON.org.

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