Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park is a large world famous arboretum with a vista point from where tourists come and view the City of Vancouver. The park itself is an extinct volcano, and ex-industrial site. The former crater, previously a rock quarry, is now a showcase garden. Primarily a daytime park, at night the lower quarry garden is closed to the pub- lic. The garden became the site for the exhibition of twelve sound, visual and interactive installations created by artists: Jamie Griffiths, Miles Thorogood, Sebnem Ozpeta, Rob Scharein, Dave Leith, Laura Lee Coles, Merlyn Chipman, Mark Nazemi, Maryam Mobini, Wynne Palmer, Bobbi Kozinuk and an excerpt from Coyote X by the late First Nation media artist Terry Haines, presented by Aaron Rice.

Over 500 participants of varying ages, cultures and backgrounds enjoyed a rare opportunity to be a part of us- ing the park in a non-traditional way during an untraditional time.

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