Population of Noise

Population of Noise is the arm of IMAPON dedicated to the support and advancement of sound artists. IMAPON has produced a series of events and curated sound artists in its partnership with Vancouver New Music artists such as Constatine Constantine Katsiris, Joda Clement, Jean Routhier, Giorgio Magnenensi. LocoMotoArt sound and noise artists: Dave Leith, Miles Thorogood, Phil Thomson a.k.a. Phonal and Merlyn Chipman. Curated Guest Sound and Performance Artists: Prophecy Sun and Mirae Rosner, Sammy Chien and the late Jeremy Inkel. Early events included: Spectrum Interview, Gord Gridina, Pepe Dansa, Tim Ewing, Two-Spirit Frederick Cummings and percussionist Navarro Franco.

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